Our mission is to provide accurate and up to date cryptocurrency data across the exchanges and markets listed in this website. This page describes how the data is aggregated and the steps to calculate price and volume for each cryptocurrency.

Data collection

Ticker data is collected from the exchanges using their public APIs. The ticker provides the following information for each market pair:

  • Ask price
  • Bid price
  • Open price 24h
  • Volume 24h

Step 1: Average price and volume for unique market pairs

Group ticker data for unique market pairs across all the exchanges i.e. BTC/USD (exchange A), BTC/USD (exchange B), ...
For each unique market pair, price and volume is calculated as follows:

  • Price: markets with higher volume provide more stable and accurate prices. Therefore, the price is calculated using the volume weighted average
  • Volume: sum of volumes in base currency

Step 2: Price for cryptocurrencies

The reference currency for prices and volumes is USD. This is the currency that we start using to calculate the prices:

  1. Search for all the unique market pairs that have USD as quote currency i.e. BTC/USD, ETH/USD
  2. Set the reference price for BTC, ETH

2nd iteration:

  1. Search for all the unique market pairs that have BTC or ETH either as a base or quote currency
  2. A cryptocurrency can have multiple market pairs at this stage i.e. LTC/BTC, LTC/ETH and therefore the prices are converted to USD first
  3. Set the reference price for LTC using the weighted volume average of the markets from the previous step

This process is repeated several times until all the currencies have a reference price set.

Step 3: Price and volume for markets

Once the reference prices for each cryptocurrency are known, we convert the prices and volumes for each market to USD

  • Price: unconverted price * reference price (step 2)
  • Volume: volume 24hs (base currency) * unconverted price * reference price (step 2)

Step 4: Volume for cryptocurrencies

Sum of all markets volume where it is being traded.

Step 5: Volume for exchanges

Sum of all markets volume reported by the exchange.

How often is the data updated?

Prices are re-calculated every minute.

Data validity

Cryptocurrencies and markets could have a warning sign to indicate that the data is stale. This happens when no new tickers have been received from the exchange in the past 10 minutes. Tickers with stale data are ignored in the price calculation.

Cryptocurrency lifecycle

Cryptocurrencies are listed automatically and could be removed if are delisted from all the exchanges or after a long period without trading activity.